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Corporate Emotional Wellness Program

Workshops topics and content can be customized to meet the needs of your team/organization within the parameters of the STEER Your Life Coaching® Model

Our series of workshops, perfect for Lunch & Learns, teach lifelong and lasting lessons that create an emotionally intelligent team. Our Corporate Emotional Wellness Program is specifically designed for progressive organizations that want to invest in their employees' long-term happiness by empowering them to #BeTheDriver of their own Emotional Wellness by utilizing the proprietary process, STEER Your Life Coaching®.   




Rev Your RPMs
Retention, Productivity, Morale
  • STEER 101 
    Intro to Emotional Wellness Self Coaching

  • Navigating Life's Roadblocks, Detours & Speed Bumps
    The Road to Stress Less

  • Finding Alignment  
    Obtaining Work-Life Balance 

  • Driving Out Negativity 
    Shift Your Brain Toward New Outlooks

  • Getting Stuck or Stalling Out
    Steps to Overcome Procrastination

  • Learning to IDLE
    Manage Your Mind in the Moment

  • Stop Spinning Your Wheels 
    Overcoming Overthinking

  • Mind Full or Mindful 
    Demystifying Meditation

  • Setting Healthy Boundaries
    Curing the Disease to Please

  • The Path to Forgiveness
    Gaining Grace for Yourself and Others 

  • FUEL Your Soul 
    Taking Self Care Beyond Bubble Baths

  • Toxic People
    How to Avoid Their Poison

Workshop Titles

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